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~::Moonlight Rendezvous::~

-.Under the moon, our destinies meet...-

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Welcome to the Moonlight Rendezvous LJ community. This community is open to anyone. It will be used to discuss MR and post updates about it.

All manga updates will be added to memories.

Feel free to join, Rules are:

-Use proper language.
-Be respectful of other people
-Be coherent. TyP1nG l3iK d1Z is really annoying and sometimes hurts the eyes.
-ALL images must be under an lj-cut, unless stated otherwise by the mods.
-No spamming. Or else you will be banned.

Admins/Mods are: shuureinosenshi, tatsu_kagy, krou_sekishin, shinigami_chama

Have fun now~ :]

((Profile: updated sometimes. <_<;;;))
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